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  1. Summary

Save the children in Albania has been working for several years with both Children Governments and Child Led groups in different parts of Albania, creating space for national and international advocacy, strengthening capacities of CLG and institutionalizing the role of Children Governments. In order to maximize efforts to strengthen child participation in Albania we will start creating more possibilities for these two children led (formal and informal) structures to work more closely together. A web radio platform for children to raise awareness and educate about issues affecting them.


The project strategy is conceptualized based on Child Rights Convention putting the child at the centre and requiring as well that the whole educational mission at school is done respecting resources, needs, expectation and especially rights of the child. Recognizing the challenges teachers face in carrying out their complex role it is suggested for teachers to equally value and use didactic techniques as content. The web radio assigned programs may easily serve as ways to enrich didactic techniques used by teachers and at the same time help ease the big gap and alienation that exists between the role of teachers and students. For purposes of further adapting the program to Albanian children needs we did conduct a focus group discussion with 18 children members of CLG and Student Government coming from all the 5 cities where the project will be implemented. From discussions it was clear that children would want to see the effects of their work even outside the school environment and touching upon challenges at family and community context as well. The topic chosen is participation of children as one of their fundamental rights but one of the easiest to disregard or taken for granted.


  1. Project design: Objectives, Expected Results and Activities


2.1 Overall objective: To contribute to a school and community environment that respects children right to participation and empowers them to succeed.

The project will contribute to the participation aspect of the education program in Save the Children Albania as stated in the Country annual strategy. This is going to be an integrated aspect of the already established networks and recognized efforts in contributing to a quality education for children with special emphasis in their active participation.


2.2 Specific objective (SO): Children participation at school, family and community at large is increased. This is the desired impact the project will aim to achieve as a result of project inputs in terms of recourses knowledge and experience. To measure the realization of the objective we will make use of qualitative data gathered from focus group discussion with Children, parents, teachers as well as interviews with key stakeholders. In order to achieve the specific objective the work will be focusing on three expected results tackling participation at school and community, advocacy and life skills of children.


3 Expected results (ER):


ER1: Children life skills on communication, team work and active citizenship enhanced. Specific emphasis will be put to the acquiring of skills that will help children in later stages in their life. Considering that children engagement in both student government and Child Led Groups are age-bound we always have been valuing the powerful aspect of personal development that will help children even later in their life. Capacity building events related to children rights and more specifically skills related to communication are not only important for the overall success of the project and beyond to the result at scale and sustainability aspects of SC theory of change.


ER2: Content development and Radio broadcast.

While participation of children has always been at core of Save the Children programs enhancing further by using web radio as a tool is a new approach which we believe will positively impact and increase participation. Responsibilities and rights deriving from children involvement in child led structures will be presented in a creative way in order to raise issues and ask for support.


ER3: Children raise the voice for better quality of education (including child participation). This expected result focuses mainly on advocacy and will require special attention and efforts as it will aim the engagement of the local and national level decision makers. National level campaigns related specifically to education will become part of this radio program as well and will be promoted through other media channels like television and social media.

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